Residenspresentation med tre kvinnliga dansare.  

Karine Bourgeois, Frankrike
Maroussia Ehrnrooth, Schweiz
Luisa Schöfer, Tyskland


Why does she cry?#3” 

 My body does not always speak the truth.
I often have to build a shell around it to show you how strong I am.   

I dont want you to be able to see how fragile I am, therefore I  hide myself, I  protect myself, I smooth  myself.   

It requires a lot of energy to maintain this armour. But I have to resist so that you dont discover my weaknesses and contradictions.  

What if for once Id let it go? What if for once Id let my body reveal itself and remain as it is. What if Id let you see my imperfections and vulnerabilities? 

Letting go to better resist? 

I am questioning sincerity within human relationships. How can one be truthful if everyone is hiding behind their armours. Are we less interesting if people see our faults.

Why do we have to adhere to certain codes in order to belong to a group? 

I therefore suggest to try to show myself as I am, simple, natural, with all my weaknesses, my doubts and my questionings.

Approaching my body in all sincerity.

Residenset möjliggörs av stöd från Kulturnämnden i Västra Götaland samt Tanums Kommun Kultur&Fritid

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Leo Dal Norlind